Five Steps To Introduce Planned Change – Step 3


The following five steps are needed to be followed to implement Planned Change to an Organization:

  • Identify the Change
  • Engage Stakeholders
  • Develop The Project Team (This Entry)
  • Implement The Change
  • Monitor and Sustain The Change

Today, I will be writing today about the third of five steps: Develop The Project Team.

Develop The Project Team

One of the roles I play as a project manager is to introduce technology changes into the organization.  I will refer to the person leading the change as the Change Agent.

The third step of Planned Change is to develop the project team that will help to implement the change.  The Change Agent is the person that will select the project team. 

It is important to also understand the impact to the organization of the pending change. The following questions can be used to help determine the impact and help determine the skills that need to be on the project team to help affect the change into the organization:

  1. To what extent are the change recipients given an opportunity to influence the change?
  2. What is different for the change recipients when the change is introduced?
  3. How do the recipients react to the change, and what can we learn from their reactions?
  4. How can we engage all of the recipients in the change process over time in order to build commitment to change?

For each Planned Change the scope of the project will be a factor in the size and type of talent that is needed for the project.  The following are another set of questions that can be used to select the project team:

  1. Who is the project team chartered with making this change happen?
  2. What is our detailed project plan for accomplishing the change?
  3. What technology and technical expertise is required to support the project?
  4. How can we engage all of the recipients in the change process over time in order to build commitment to change?

Conclusion I have always found implementing change a very challenging task.  I hope this entry helps you to understand the information in being able to “Develop The Project Team”.  This is the third of five (5) blog entries on the topic of Planned Change.  I will continue this topic with two (2) additional entries to provide more details of the planning process.   

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