Five Steps To Introduce Planned Change – Step 4


The following five steps are needed to be followed to implement Planned Change to an Organization:

  • Identify the Change (This Entry)
  • Engage Stakeholders
  • Develop The Project Team
  • Implement The Change (This Entry)
  • Monitor and Sustain The Change

Today, I will be writing today about the fourth of five steps: Implement The Change.

Implement The Change

One of the roles I play as a project manager is to introduce technology changes into the organization.  I will refer to the person leading the change as the Change Agent.

The fourth step of Planned Change is to implement the change into the organization.  The Change Agent is the person that will lead the project team through the implementation of the Planned Change.   There are two key elements to factor into your plans about implementing change.  The two elements are historical perspective of change and the culture of the organization.   

Historical Perspective

It is important to gain an understanding of the history of the organization relative to past projects that were implementing change.  The Change Agent will want to know if previous projects were successful and what made them successful.  If the projects were not successful it is important to understand the barriers or constraints of the previous projects. The following questions will help you understand the change history of the organization:

  1. What historical events support or block change among key stakeholders? 
    1. How will we address?
  2. What unwritten cultural “rules” support or block change among key stakeholders?
  3. How will we manage or adjust “The way things are done around here?”

Culture of the Organization towards Change

Another key element to take into consideration is the culture of the organization or its willingness to accept change.  To implement change it is important to gain Acceptance or Buy-In by both the management of the organization as well as the individuals in the organization.  One of the tools to help with that was discussed in step 2 Engage Stakeholders.  When previous projects that attempted to introduce change were not successful that will affect the culture or willingness of the organization to try to change again.  Be sure to examine those projects and ensure that you avoid the previous projects missteps.


I have always found implementing change a very challenging task.  I hope this entry helps you to understand the information in being able to “Implement the Change”.  This is the fourth of five (5) blog entries on the topic of Planned Change.  I will continue this topic with one (1) additional entry to provide more details of the planning process.    

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