Five Steps To Introduce Planned Change – Step 5


The following five steps are needed to be followed to implement Planned Change to an Organization:

  • Identify the Change
  • Engage Stakeholders
  • Develop The Project Team
  • Implement The Change
  • Monitor and Sustain The Change (This Entry)

Today, I will be writing today about the last of five steps: Monitor and Sustain The Change.

Monitor and Sustain The Change

One of the roles I play as a project manager is to introduce technology changes into the organization.  I will refer to the person leading the change as the Change Agent.

The fifth step of Planned Change is to monitor and sustain the change.  The Change Agent is the person that will complete the steps to allow the change to thrive within the organization.

The Change Agent needs to plan for the end of the project.  In order to sustain the change in the organization the following need to be factored into the plan:

  • Tools – a set of tools to measure and monitor progress of the change.
  • Processes – ensure that the methods for managing the change are documented and understood by the people that will manage the ongoing change
  • People – ensure that someone will be the champion and ongoing leader of the change.  It is also important to train the team on the new tools and processes.  Lastly it is important that the people in the organization (or its customers) see the benefit of the change.

The following are some of the questions that you need to plan for to sustain change for the long term in your organization:

  • How will we identify short-term wins and use them to encourage change?
  • How will we measure and report progress to our sponsors and other stakeholders, both quantitatively and qualitatively?
  • What is the quality of feedback that we receive through quantitative metrics and more subjective impressions?
  • How will we handle unexpected crises and deviations from the project plan?
  • What mechanisms are in place for learning and how quickly is learning propagated throughout the organization?

Conclusion I have always found implementing change a very challenging task.  I hope this entry helps you to understand the information in being able to “Monitor and Sustain The Change”.  This is the last of five (5) blog entries on the topic of Planned Change.

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