Characteristics of High Performing Teams


One of the keys to our continued success is to ensure that the project team is a high performing teams. In my role as a project manager I lead projects that implement technology projects into the organization.  It is important to have an understanding of what is the target or vision of a high performing team.  Once you have a vision then you can measure your team and make adjustments to improve your team’s performance.

Today’s entry will identify the characteristics of “High Performing Teams”. 

Characteristics of A High Performing Team

A few years ago, I read the following book “Leading At A High Level” by Ken Blanchard.  Since then I have used this list to help me manage my project teams.  The following is a list of the seven characteristics of a high performing teams:

  • Purpose and values – the team needs to share a strong purpose and a common set of values.  These two attributes will help to create a vision for your team.  The purpose will identify “who” the team is and the values will serve as a guide for the team as they progress through the project.  A purpose and a set of values will form the foundation for your team.
  • Empowerment – every team will need to overcome obstacles.  The key to the team being able to overcome obstacles is to have confidence that the team can solve or overcome issues.  The team needs to be willing to share information.
  • Relationships and communication – the team must be committed to open communication.  The team needs to be able share their thoughts and opinions.  It is important that the team have strong listening skills.  While the team may not like everyone on the team they do need to respect other team members.
  • Flexibility – one of the traits of a strong team is the leader of the team can shift from one team member to another during the project.   Team members recognize that change will occur and when it occurs they adapt to the changes that are happening. 
  • Optimal Productivity – the team will produce strong results.  The quality of their work and amount of work is very high.  One key trait is the team will hold each other accountable for results.
  • Recognition and Appreciation – the team will provide and receive positive feedback and recognition.  The recognition will come from within the team, the leader of the team as well as from the organization.   This recognition will help build esteem and provides for a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Morale – is the outcome of the above six characteristics.   The team members will be proud of their own results and the efforts of the team.  There will be a strong team spirit and a sense of togetherness.

As you can see the seven characteristics spell out PERFORM.  This has helped me to remember the characteristics.  

It is also important to understand the leadership styles to apply to your team.  In the next blog entry I will outline the steps that are needed to put the PERFORM into action.


I have always enjoyed watching teams perform at a high level.  I hope that this entry will help you improve the performance of your team.   Also the following blog entry will outline the action that is needed to develop your high performing team.