Complete Strengths Finder Assessment

Strengths Finders Assessment The first thing we completed was an assessment.   The assessment consisted of 177 questions.  For each question we had to rate ourselves with one of 5 responses.  The range of the 5 responses was something we would almost always do on one end or something we would not likely do or agree with.  The results of the […]

Strengths Finder – Introduction For You

Introduction to Strengths Finder This blog entry will focus a Strengths Finder Introduction for you. I will give you my perspective on the need and value to Complete Strengths Finder Assessment from the book by Tom Rath. Every year I have been given an annual review. Over the years the review process has changed and improved.  In the early years […]

Develop an Action Plan from Strengths Finder Assessment

In my work as a project manager I find it very valuable to be able to understand my own skills and talents as well as those of the people on my project teams.  To that end I am always looking to increase my understanding and assessing of talent.  At work we were given the opportunity a few years ago to […]

Review Your Strengths Finder Assessment

The blog today is focusing on “Review Strengths Finder Assessment” that I feel is second step needed to understand your strengths.  I will write a series of blog entries (three) on how to complete and benefit from Strengths Finder.  The series of blogs is based on my own experience as well as some references from the book “Strengths Finder 2.0” […]

Effective Leadership Using Strengths Finder

The blog today is focusing on “Effective Leadership Using Strengths Finder” to help you work and understand with members on your project team.  When I get a project assigned to me I do not get to choose the members on my team but rather need to find out how to “Get It Done” with the team that is assigned to […]

Senior Project Manager Expectations

Background I want this entry to focus on the Senior Project Manager Expectations that exist in companies. I need to be aware of the expectations of the role. In role I play as a senior project manager is introducing technology changes into the organization.  In my role as a senior project manager I am always trying to learn more and […]

Stages of Team Development – Striving for High Performing Teams

Today I would I like to share with you the stages of development that every team you interact with goes through.  It is important to be aware of this so that you can recognize the stages. The stages are Background In 1965, Bruce Tuckman published a development model for teams.  He found that every team went through the four stages.    […]

Characteristics of High Performing Teams

Background One of the keys to our continued success is to ensure that the project team is a high performing teams. In my role as a project manager I lead projects that implement technology projects into the organization.  It is important to have an understanding of what is the target or vision of a high performing team.  Once you have […]

Project Management Applying Systems Thinking

Background A successful organization consists of many systems.  In a large organization there are many systems.  These systems can be computer systems, processes or even the cultural environment of the organization.     One of the roles I play as a project manager is to ensure that the projects or systems that we implement are a good fit in the organization.  My […]