Complete Strengths Finder Assessment

Strengths Finders Assessment

The first thing we completed was an assessment.   The assessment consisted of 177 questions.  For each question we had to rate ourselves with one of 5 responses.  The range of the 5 responses was something we would almost always do on one end or something we would not likely do or agree with.  The results of the assessment are presented back to you in the form of your top five strengths.  The five strengths are from a total of 34 possible strengths. 

Step 1 Complete Assessment

The principle of the Strengths Finder assessment is that you have natural talent.   The assessment identifies the top five of your talents based on the responses to the assessment.

Assessment Results

Upon completion of the assessment, a set of documents are created that contain information that you can use to develop/understand your strengths.  To understand and build on your strengths you will need to go through these three steps:

  • Awareness – this step is just to get familiar with “what” each of your 5 strengths.
  • Application – you will need to figure out how to apply or best use your 5 strengths
  • Achievement – an example of someone that has achieved things while utilizing one of the strengths

The following documents were created in the format of a PDF file:

  • “Awareness” – Strengths Insight Guide:  This report contains a list of your top 5 strengths.  It contains a common or shared description for each of the 5 strengths. The report also has a personalized message of what makes you stand out for each of your 5 strengths.
  • “Awareness and Application” –  Strengths Discovery and Development Guide:  This report is the baseline or starting point for developing your strengths.  This report also contains each of your top 5 strengths (talents).  It also has a list of action items that you can review to provide ideas on how to utilize or apply each of your strengths.  It contains a section for you to write down some development action items.   The last section of the report contains a list of suggestions for focusing on strengths.
  • “Awareness, Application, and Achievement” – Strength Insight and Action Planning Guide: This report combines the information from the two reports mentioned above and one additional section.  The additional section has three real quotes from people that have the same strength as you do.
  • Resource Guide – this report contains the 34 possible strengths (themes).  The report contains a description, a set of action items, and a description of how to manage a person with a particular strength.

The top 5 strengths for me are the following:  Learner, Strategic, Maximizer, Arranger, and Achiever.


This has been one of the best assessment tools that I have used in my career.  I really like the tool and all the information that it contains.  This tool seems to be the most accurate assessment for me.  I hope you take action and use this tool to assess your strengths.  By the way my first strengths is Learner.  Thus this blog as a way for me to learn and share with others.

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