Work Life Balance


I have previously mentioned that in my “Strengths Finders Assessment” that one of my strengths is I am a learner.   I like to read and I recently read a book that I found to be very good.   I found the book had a better way of looking at how to better balance work and life.  In most of the books that explore the topic of work and home balance they focus on keeping work and family separate.   For example,  when at work you have a persona that would be different from your home persona.

The book I read “What Really Works” found through a large number of interviews that people felt better about their lives when the work and home life were intermingled.  I agree that this approach is easier and makes more sense.

The Seven F’s

The concept of the book is that through a blending of the seven F’s that you will have a more beneficial life.   The emphasis of the book is to be able to understand the level that you are on for each of these seven elements of life:

  • Faith –  Since the beginning of humankind, all cultures have included spirituality as one of the centerpieces of their society.  Faith is quietly, deeply personal for some.  For others, it’s loud, strong, and bold.  For some others, it’s self-defined.  What role does faith play in your life.
  • Family – The traditional image of the nuclear family is being significantly challenged. Divorce, children born out of wedlock, and elders who are living past one hundred years of age are stretching family systems like never before.  For most people, home is defined by having family around. What role does family play in your life?
  • Finances – Wherever you are, it takes money to live.  For some, money is a goal.  For others, money defines their purpose for work and is a tool to fund their priorities.  In many cultures, money can buy status – buy both spending and giving it away.  Eventually, we all deal with common financial questions: “Will I have enough?” and “How much is enough?” What role do finances play in your life?
  • Fitness – The positives of the mind-body connection have been made consistently since the beginning of recorded time.  In the modern era of desk jobs, eat-on-the-go strategies, and super-sized meals, we are wrestling with the cost of losing our collective fitness. What role does fitness play in your life?
  • Friends – The support we give and receive through friendships helps us live through life’s surprises.  Some people can collect and maintain a wide range of friendships even as personal and professional demands shrink their time.  Others cannot. What role do friends play in your life?
  • Fun – In the Declaration of Independence, the pursuit of happiness ( a synonym for fun) is listed as an “unalienable right.”  Indeed, when we are playful and joyous, our mood is contagious.  We all benefit from spontaneous smiling, laughter, and celebration. What role does fun play in your life?
  • Future – The sun always rises the next day.  Progress and hope are the central concepts of the future.  We all have a need to improve our own condition and to believe that we can improve the lives of others.  With the future, no one would care for today.  What role does future play in your life?


I hope this entry helps you to stop and take a look at your current activities and consider adjusting them based on the Seven F’s.   Good luck.