Leadership Tool – PIP Decks – Team Tactics

This is a great product for anyone that is a manager of a team of people or project manager of project.  I use it nearly everyday to help me find ways/clues on how to address a situation that I am encountering in my day to day work.   There are two options for the product Digital Deck Only or The Complete Package.   I purchased the Digital Deck Only product.  The link below will allow you a 10% discount.


I recently purchased this Team Tactics deck from PIP Decks.  The information contains the following categories:

  • Environment – Get into the teamwork mindset so you are all

    setting off together.

  • Direction – Decide on a clear vision and then work out the

    values and principles that will get you there, together.

  • Support – Make sure your team doesn’t get lost along the way

    by giving them the support they need to succeed.

  • Health – Monitor how your teams are doing so you can see

    clearly when your help is needed the most.

  • Collaborate – Encourage your team to work together to help

    them design better teams, products and services.

  • Communicate – Encourage people to talk about their work, sharing

    it early and with clarity to help foster trust.

  • Recognition – Reward and recognize your team’s, efforts to foster

    a culture of appreciation.

  • Technique – Core tactics to sort, decide, ask good questions and

    set metrics.

I use information from this nearly every day.  I highly recommend you look into this product if you are leading a team or managing a project.   The link below will provide you a 10% discount from the regular price.



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